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16.1.3 Germination

Factors Affecting Germination

  • Germination is the start of growth in the seed
  • Three factors are required for successful germination:
    • Water – allows the seed to swell up and the enzymes in the embryo to start working so that growth can occur
    • Oxygen – so that energy can be released for germination
    • Warmth – germination improves as temperature rises (up to a maximum) as the reactions which take place are controlled by enzymes
  • As carbon dioxide is not necessary for germination but also does not inhibit it, it makes no difference whether it is present or not

Investigating Germination

  • Set up 4 boiling tubes each containing 10 cress seeds on cotton wool
  • Set each test tube as shown in diagram below
  • Leave tubes in set environment for a period of time: A, B and C incubated at 20°C; D placed in a fridge at 4°C
  • Compare results and see which tube has the greatest number of germinated seeds


Conditions required for germination, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notesConditions required for germination


Conditions required for germination – results:

Conditions for germination results table, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

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