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8.2.6 Colorimetry & Complex Ions

Colorimetry & Complex Ions

Colorimetry & Complex Ions

  • For example hexaaquacopper(II) solution is a pale blue colour which absorbs red light
  • It’s complementary colour is blue which is what is transmitted

A simple diagram representing the component parts involved in colorimetry

Worked Example

Outline a practical method for the preparation of an unknown concentration of metal aqua ion solution by colorimetry.


    • Make up metal aqua ion solutions of known concentrations
    • Measure absorption or transmission
    • Plot a calibration curve (absorbance vs concentration)
    • Measure absorption of unknown
    • Determine concentration of unknown


Visible Spectroscopy Calibration Curve, downloadable AS & A Level Chemistry revision notes

Calibration curve from colorimetry results, showing the absorbance of an unknown being used to determine the concentration


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