Chemical Recipes

  • Formulations are mixtures with a specific purposes that are made by following an exact recipe.
  • Every part of the formulation is present in carefully measured quantities and is present for a specific purpose.
  • An everyday example of a formulation is paint.
  • Paint contains the following substances in exact quantities:
    • Pigment: gives the paint colour.
    • Binder: forms a film that holds the pigment in place.
    • Solvent: used to dissolve the other components and alter the viscosity. 
  • Formulations are very important in the pharmaceutical industry where the exact ratios of each component must be precise.
  • By changing the formulation of a particular medicine chemists can make sure it delivers the drug to the correct part of the body at the right concentration, that it’s safe to consume and has an adequately long shelf life
  • The information on the packaging of some products tells you the product’s a formulation.

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