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7.6.11 Electrophoresis


  • Electrophoresis is an analytical technique which separates ions by placing them in an electrical field
    • This method is often used in biochemical analysis to identify and purify proteins
  • A sample of amino acids is placed between two oppositely charged electrodes
    • The positively charged ions will move towards the negative electrode
    • The negatively charged ions will move towards the positive electrode
  • The rate (how fast) at which the ions move towards the electrodes depends on:
    • The size of the ions: larger ions move more slowly
    • The charge of the ions: highly charged ions move more quickly
  • An electropherogram is the series of bands which are observed on the paper or gel after electrophoresis has occurred
    • Each band in the electropherogram corresponds to a particular species

Separating mixtures of amino acids by varying the pH

  • The charge on the amino acid ions depends on the pH of the solution
  • The movement of the ions to the electrodes during electrophoresis will therefore be affected by the pH
  • Consider a sample which consists of a mixture of three amino acids at pH 7
    • Amino acid A: lysine, side-chain is positively charged
    • Amino acid B: glycine, side chain is neutral
    • Amino acid C: glutamic acid, side chain is negatively charged

The sample consists of a mixture of three amino acids which are separated using electrophoresis

  • The amino acids in this mixture can be separated by electrophoresis
    • Amino acid C will move towards the positive electrode
    • Amino acid B will remain in the well where the sample is applied to the gel
    • Amino acid A will move towards the negative electrode
  • Since glutamic acid is larger than lysine, it will travel towards the positive electrode at a slower rate compared to lysine

Nitrogen Compounds - Electrophoresis Sample Results, downloadable AS & A Level Chemistry revision notes

Separation of a mixture of amino acids by electrophoresis

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