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7.4.1 Alcohols

Reaction of Alcohols With Acyl Chlorides

  • Acyl chlorides are reactive organic compounds with a -COCl functional group
  • The carbonyl carbon is electron-deficient and has a partial positive charge
  • It is therefore susceptible to nucleophilic attack
  • The carbon-chlorine bond breaks and white fumes of hydrogen chloride, HCl are formed

Reaction with alcohols and phenols

  • Acyl chlorides react with alcohols and phenols to form esters in a nucleophilic substitution reaction
  • The -OH group acts as a nucleophile and attacks the carbonyl carbon to substitute the chlorine atom
  • Forming esters using acyl chlorides is more effective compared to using carboxylic acids as:
    • Acyl chlorides are more reactive (so the ester is produced faster)
    • Acyl chloride reactions go to completion (so more of the ester is produced)

Reaction with alcohols

  • The reaction of acyl chlorides with alcohols is vigorous and white fumes of HCl gas are formed


Hydroxy Compounds - Reaction with Alcohols, downloadable AS & A Level Chemistry revision notes

Acyl chlorides react vigorously with alcohols to form esters

Reaction with phenols

  • For the reaction of acyl chlorides with phenols to occur, heat and a base are required
    • The base is needed to deprotonate the phenol and form a phenoxide ion
    • The phenoxide ion is a better nucleophile than the original phenol molecule and will be able to attack the carbonyl carbon


Hydroxy Compounds - Reaction with Phenols, downloadable AS & A Level Chemistry revision notes

Acyl chlorides react with phenols when heated and in the presence of a base to form esters

Hydroxy Compounds - Formation of Phenoxide, downloadable AS & A Level Chemistry revision notes

A base is needed to form a phenoxide ion which is a better nucleophile than phenol; now, nucleophilic attack on the carbonyl carbon can more readily occur

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