Edexcel GCSE Combined Science: Biology

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5.2.3 Vaccination


  • Vaccines are used to induce immunity to infectious diseases
  • A vaccine contains harmless versions of a pathogen
  • There are several different methods by which scientists ensure that vaccines contain harmless pathogens such as:
    • Killing the pathogen
    • Making the pathogen unable to grow or divide (attenuated vaccine)
    • Using fragments of pathogens, which include the necessary antigens (rather than whole cells)
  • A vaccine may be administered orally, nasally or via an injection

How vaccines work

  • Once in the bloodstream, the antigens contained within the vaccine can trigger an immune response in the following way:
    • Lymphocytes recognise the antigens in the bloodstream
    • The activated lymphocytes produce antibodies specific to the antigen encountered
    • Memory cells and antibodies subsequently remain circulating in the blood stream

Vaccination, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

The process of long-term immunity by vaccination

  • Future infection by the same pathogen will trigger a response that is much faster and much larger compared to the initial response
  • Due to the rapid nature of the response, the pathogen is unable to cause disease and the individual is said to be immune

Vaccination graph, downloadable IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

Graph showing the number of measles antibodies in the blood following vaccination. The secondary response is much faster and a greater number of antibodies are produced.

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