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25.6.2 Magnetic Flux Linkage

Magnetic Flux Linkage

  • The magnetic flux linkage is a quantity commonly used for solenoids which are made of N turns of wire
  • Magnetic flux linkage is defined as:

The product of the magnetic flux and the number of turns

  • It is calculated using the equation:


  • Where:
    • Φ = magnetic flux (Wb)
    • N = number of turns of the coil
    • B = magnetic flux density (T)
    • A = cross-sectional area (m2)
  • The flux linkage ΦN has the units of Weber turns (Wb turns)
  • As with magnetic flux, if the field lines are not completely perpendicular to the plane of the area they are passing through
  • Therefore, the component of the flux density which is perpendicular is equal to:

ΦN = BAN cos(θ)

Worked example

Magnetic_Flux_Linkage_Worked_example_-_Calculating_Magnetic_Flux_Linkage_Question, downloadable AS & A Level Physics revision notes

Step 1:            Write out the known quantities

Cross-sectional area, A = πr2 = π(0.4)2 = 0.503 m2

Magnetic flux density, B = 5.1 mT

Number of turns of the coil, N = 300 turns

Step 2:            Write down the equation for the magnetic flux linkage


Step 3:            Substitute in values and calculate

ΦN = (5.1 × 10-3) × 0.503 × 300 = 0.7691 = 0.8 Wb turns (2 s.f)

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