Homologous Series

Specification Point 9.32C:
  • Recall members of a given homologous series have similar reactions because their molecules contain the same functional group and use this to predict the products of other members of these series
  • Homologous series are families or groups of organic compounds that have similar features and chemical properties due to them having the same functional group.
  • All members of a homologous series have:
    • The same general formula.
    • The difference in the molecular formula between one member and the next is CH2.
    • Gradation in their physical properties.
    • Same functional group.
    • Similar chemical properties.
  • The chemistry of homologous series is therefore determined by the functional group.
  • We can use this to predict how molecules further down a homologous series will react.
  • For example we know that ethene will decolourise bromine water, so we can predict that hexene and septene will do the same, even though they are bigger molecules.
  • This is due the the alkene functional group, the C=C double bond, which is present in all alkenes.

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