Running out of revision time? Here’s what you need to do

Have you ever checked your timetable and realised that you have an important exam in just a few days’ time? 

Perhaps you’ve been snowed under with schoolwork or other tests, and you’ve barely even touched your revision notes! 

This can happen to the most organised students, and it’s a super stressful situation to be in. 

However; all is not lost.

We would never recommend leaving your revision until the last minute, but now it’s up to you to make the best of the situation.

If you stop panicking – and use your time over the next two or three days wisely – there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to turn the situation around from disaster to success. 

In this blog post, the Save My Exams Study Experts explain what you need to do next. Read on and find out!

Keep calm and clear-headed

This point is the most important one, which is why we’ve put it first! 

When humans get anxious and panicked, our brains become less effective at processing, storing and recalling information. This is not what you want to happen when you’re trying to revise or take an exam.

You can’t go back in time, so try not to get lost in regrets about not having started your revision earlier. Focus on what you can control – the next few days before your exam – and then put your energies into making the most of this time

Sleeping and eating properly is also a must-do (all-nighters will not help you now). 

If you start to feel overwhelmed by the pressure, try a mindfulness exercise or get outside for some fresh air and a short walk.

Plan your time carefully

When exams are looming, every minute counts. 

In order to make the most of your remaining hours, create a study timetable for yourself (including scheduled breaks and mealtimes). 

Use your exam syllabus to identify the key topics for your next paper, then use your timetable to pre-plan exactly what you are going to be focusing on (and when).

This will not only put you back in control of your revision, but it will also make sure that you don’t miss any topics when you’re preparing for that big test.

Brush up your exam technique with Topic Questions

When creating your timetable, be sure to schedule in some time to practice with our Topic Questions.

On the Save My Exams website, just navigate to your subject, level and exam board to find the right Topic Questions collection for you. You can then pick out exactly which topic you’d like to focus on, and use the questions to check your understanding.

Written by our team of teachers, examiners and subject experts, these questions are the perfect way to get used to the style and format of real exam questions.

Start with the ‘Easy’ questions and work your way up the difficulty levels. If you get stuck, just check the accompanying Quick Answers to learn exactly how to score top marks.

Use a Past Paper to check for weak spots

Completing a full Past Paper is a highly recommended way of checking your exam timing and identifying any knowledge gaps

Try to do one paper today, and then one paper the day before your exam – but don’t do more than this if your schedule is tight, as you need to save some time to learn the content too. 

On the Save My Exams website you’ll find official Past Papers for your subject and exam board – so you just need to set a timer and get going! 

Remember to always check your answers against the accompanying  Mark Schemes and our teacher-written Model Answers, as this will ensure that you learn which keywords matter and how to structure your answer. 

If you get stuck on one particular topic, you can use our fantastic new Revision Notes to refresh your understanding.

By carrying out the steps above, you can go into that exam feeling confident that you made the very best of a difficult revision situation. 

So good luck, you’ve got this, and now’s the time to get stuck in!

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