Students: Beat the Winter Blues With These Easy Hacks

Winter can be tough for students. It’s dark and cold, the summer holidays seem forever away and mock exams are just around the corner. With ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions thrown into the mix, this year is likely to feel especially difficult. 

If you’re feeling down or losing motivation to study, you are definitely not alone! And here at Save My Exams we don’t just want to help you to ace your studies – we also care about putting a smile on your face.

Although we can’t make winter or COVID go away, we can offer up our top tips for bringing some brightness back into your day-to-day life. So challenge yourself to give at least one of the below ideas a try this week – they might be the little boost you need to turn your mood around!

Make plans for the summer

With a COVID vaccine on the way, it’s time to start getting excited about summer of 2021

When your GCSEs or A Levels are done and dusted, you’ll have months to fill with fun activities. Having something to look forward to is always a real mood boost, so start making lists and researching all of the places you want to travel to and the festivals and events you want to experience. Many travel companies are already accepting summer bookings, so you could even get your reservations in now. Then all that’s left to do is save up your money! 

If you’re a Sixth Form student considering a 2021/22 gap year, you’ve got even more to think about! Whether you’re keen to work, learn or travel, start your planning by reading this helpful guide from the Save My Exams team.

Spark your study motivation

If you’re noticing your enthusiasm and focus beginning to slide at school, it might be because you’ve lost sight of your ultimate goals

Remember, no one studies for the sake of getting good exam grades – we study so that we can get the exam grades which enable us to follow our dreams and achieve our life goals

When you’re feeling reluctant to study, think about the university courses you want to apply for, or the post-Sixth Form path you want to follow. This will hopefully remind you that there is a reason behind your hard work now, and that it will all pay off in the future. 

If you’re already getting excited for university applications, check out the UCAS directory to find upcoming online Open Days and events which you can attend from home.

Take a winter walk with friends

Did you know that humans need daily exposure to sunlight in order to stay healthy and happy? Your Vitamin D and serotonin levels will receive a much-needed boost if you get out for some exercise in the fresh air whilst the sun is out.

Double up the benefits by adding in a social element – schedule a weekend walk or bike ride with your friends so that you can all catch up in a COVID-safe, out of school environment. 

If your friends live further away but you still want to study together, try some of the ideas in this blog post (perfect for Christmas holiday revision sessions too!).

Get stuck in to a book or podcast

When the evenings draw in and it’s pouring with rain outside, don’t turn to TikTok, Instagram or Netflix. Instead, reach for a book, download an ebook or stream a podcast

These offline activities will help to reduce any anxiety you might be experiencing, whilst also improving your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. 

Can’t decide where to start? We’ve got a great set of recommendations for you – books here, and podcasts here.

Spoil yourself

For most teens, online shopping can provide a mood-boosting hit of happiness – especially if you’re sourcing the perfect Christmas gift for a friend or family member. 

But if you’re short on cash at the moment, try a different self-care activity which still makes you feel good for a fraction of the price. 

Our favourite suggestions are Christmas baking, drinking a luxury hot chocolate in front of a cheesy movie, taking a long bath, experimenting with a craft activity or playing a game with your family. Sometimes even tidying your room can really put a smile on your face and bring a sense of satisfaction to your day!

Will you be giving any of these ideas a go? Let us know how you get on (and share your own great suggestions) by DMing us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @SaveMyExams