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Questions organised by topic with mark schemes for the CIE O Level Biology course.

Topic QuestionsMark Scheme
Section 1: Cell Structure & Organisation
Plant & Animal Cells Plant & Animal Cells MS
Specialised Cells, Tissues & OrgansSpecialised Cells, Tissues & Organs MS
Section 2: Diffusion & Osmosis
Diffusion & OsmosisDiffusion & Osmosis MS
Section 3: Enzymes
EnzymesEnzymes MS
Section 4: Plant Nutrition

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Photosynthesis & Mineral Nutrition 1
Photosynthesis & Mineral Nutrition 2
Leaf Structure
Section 5: Animal Nutrition
Nutrition & Diet 1
Nutrition & Diet 2
Digestion & The Alimentary Canal
Section 6: Transport in Flowering Plants
Transport in Flowering Plants
Section 7: Transport in Humans
Transport in Humans 1
Transport in Humans 2
Section 8: Respiration
Aerobic Respiration
Anaerobic Respiration
Human gas exchange
Section 9: Excretion
Section 10: Homeostasis
Section 11: Coordination & Response
Nervous System, Receptors & Reflex Action
The Eye
Section 12: Support, Movement and Locomotion
Support, Movement and Locomotion
Section 13: The Use and Abuse of Drugs
The Use and Abuse of Drugs
Section 14: Microorganisms and Biotechnology
Microorganisms and Biotechnology
Section 15: Relationships of organisms with one another and the environment
Energy flow,Food chains & Food webs 1
Energy flow, Food chains & Food webs 2
Carbon & Nitrogen Cycles
Effects of humans on the ecosystem, pollution & conservation
Section 16: Development of organisms & continuity of life
Asexual & Plant Reproduction
Sexual & Human Reproduction
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Section 17: Inheritance
Genetics, Inheritance & Selection 1
Genetics, Inheritance & Selection 2