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4.6.3 A.C. Generator

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A.C. Generator: Basics

  • A generator looks very similar to a motor, but instead of connecting it to a power supply, the coil is spun by some mechanical process which then produces electricity


AC generator, IGCSE & GCSE Physics revision notes

When a coil is spun in a magnetic field, a voltage is induced between the ends of the coil


  • As the coil rotates, it cuts through the field lines
  • This induces an EMF between the end of the coil
    (which could then create a current)
  • The size of this EMF could be increased by:
    • Turning the coil faster
    • Increasing the strength of the magnetic field
    • Adding more turns to the coil
  • Slip rings, attached to the ends of the coil, transfer the current to metal brushes whilst allowing the coil to rotate freely


Exam Tip

When a conductor cuts through field lines, it induces an EMF.

Motors and generators look very similar, but they do very different things. When tackling a question on either of them, make sure you are writing about the right one!

Remember to say ‘add more turns to the coil’ and not ‘add more coils’ – if you give the second one it will be marked wrong.


Extended Only

The Output

  • The A.C. generator creates an alternating current, varying in size and direction as the coil rotates
    • The induced EMF is greatest when the coil is horizontal, as in this position it cuts through the field at the fastest rate
    • The EMF is smallest when the coil is vertical, as in this position it will not be cutting through field lines


Generator output, IGCSE & GCSE Physics revision notes

Diagram showing how the current varies with the position of the coil


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