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2.1.2 Molecular Matter

Arrangement & Motion of Molecules

Solids liquids gases, IGCSE & GCSE Physics revision notes

Diagram showing the arrangement and motion of different states of matter 

  • In a solid:
    • The molecules are very close together and arranged in a regular pattern
    • The molecules vibrate about fixed positions
  • In a liquid:
    • The molecules are still close together (no gaps) but are no longer arranged in a regular pattern
    • The molecules are able to slide past each other
  • In a gas:
    • The molecules are widely separated – about 10 times further apart in each direction
    • The molecules move about randomly at high speeds


Extended Only

The Forces & Distances between Molecules

  • In a solid:
    • The molecules are held in place by strong intermolecular bonds
    • These bonds prevent the molecules from moving, giving the solid its rigid shape and fixed volume
  • In a liquid:
    • The molecules have enough energy that they are able to break the bonds between them
    • The bonds are still there, but they no longer hold the molecules in place
    • As a result, the molecules can move around (by sliding past each other) allowing the liquid to flow
  • In a gas:
    • The molecules are now moving around randomly at high speeds
    • The molecules have broken the bonds between them: They are widely separated with no long-range forces binding them together
    • As a result the molecules are able to move freely and so the gas can flow freely
    • Because of the large spaces between the molecules (along with the absence of long-range forces) the gas can easily be compressed and is also able to expand


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