Edexcel IGCSE Maths

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4.4.1 Speed, Density & Pressure

What connects speed, density & pressure?

  • Speed, sensity and pressure are all examples of variables which are calculated by dividing one thing by another:
    Speed = Distance ÷ Time
    Density = Mass ÷ Volume
    Pressure = Force ÷ Area
  • In that respect they can all be treated in the same way

Doing speed, density & pressure questions

1. Use UNITS in Q (or other info) to write down a formula
e.g. for Speed, Distance and Time

Speed distance equation triangle, IGCSE & GCSE revision notes


3. For each part of the Q write down
what you know
what you want to know
4. Use Blue Triangle to REARRANGE formula (if necessary)
5. SUBSTITUTE numbers and SOLVE

Worked Example

Speed, Density & Pressure Example1, downloadable IGCSE & GCSE Maths revision notes


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