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2.6.3 Algebraic Fractions - Multiplying & Dividing

What is an algebraic fraction?

  • An algebraic fraction is simply a fraction with an algebraic expression on the top (numerator) and/or the bottom (denominator)

Dividing algebraic fractions

  • Never try to divide fractions
  • Instead “flip’n’times”
  • So “÷a/b” becomes “×b/a”
    and then follow the rules for multiplying…

Multiplying algebraic fractions

  1. Simplify by factorising and cancelling (ignore the × between the fractions)
  2. Multiply the tops (numerators)
  3. Multiply the bottoms (denominators)
  4. Simplify by factorising and cancelling (if you missed something earlier).

Worked Example

Algebraic Fractions - Multiplying & Dividing Worked Example, downloadable IGCSE & GCSE Maths revision notes


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