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2.6.1 Algebraic Fractions - Adding & Subtracting

What is an algebraic fraction?

  • An algebraic fraction is simply a fraction with an algebraic expression on the top (numerator) and/or the bottom (denominator)

Adding & subtracting

  • Rules same as numeric fractions:
  1. Find the lowest common bottom (denominator)
  2. Write fractions with new bottoms
  3. Multiply tops by the same as bottoms
  4. Write as a single fraction (take care if subtracting)
  5. Simplify the top
  • Always leave your answer in as simple a form as possible (see Algebraic Fractions – Simplifying)

Exam Tip

Leaving the top and bottom of the fraction in factorised form will help you see if anything cancels.

Worked Example

Algebraic Fractions - Adding & Subtracting Worked Example, downloadable IGCSE & GCSE Maths revision note


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