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Writing a Speech


You need to argue and debate so the audience are convinced you’re right


Feel, CIE IGCSE English Language


To get what you want,


Order of Persuasive Modes

1. Emotional 2. Logical 3. Authoritative
Emotional, CIE IGCSE English Language Logical CIE IGCSE English Language authoritative CIE IGCSE English Language


A speech is much more about content than style. It is meant to be spoken rather than written, so it’s more of a script. There’s no special layout like an article or letter; the focus here is more on your language techniques. You should try and include all the persuasive writing language techniques:


A Alliteration

F Facts

O Opinions

R Repetition

E Emotive Language

S Statistics

T Three (rule of)

Forest, CIE IGCSE English Language

Exam Tip

  • Write like you talk. Your speech should read like a transcript, rather than an essay.
  • When you practice, try using a text-to-speech dictation App and speak out your answer once you have a written plan.
  • Then look at how the text looks on paper and literally see what your speech looks like.

“People will forget what you saidpeople will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou


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