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Persuasive Writing: Plan

The Three-Point Plan

You can download the specimen question paper mentioned in the video here

And the insert here

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  • This question is split between PURPOSE and FORM.
  • The purpose of the paper is to persuade/argue/discuss. So remember the Persuasive Writing Theory (ethos/pathos/logos).
  • The form will be a letter, article or speech. So remember those techniques.
  • Analyse the question and actively read the insert, just as you would for the Paper 1 Reading exam.

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  • Write down three words that sum up how you feel about the arguments presented in the text.

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  • Write a quick table like this:

Plan table, CIE IGCSE English Language

  • Find 5-6 arguments from the text (4 For, 1 Against / 4 Against, 1 For – depending which side you’re arguing).
    • Sum them up into bullet-points and write them under the corresponding headers.
    • Remember to be aware of the counter-arguments, as that’s what you should start with.
  • Focusing only on your side of the argument, label your bullets with the following argument type:
    • E (emotional)
    • L (logical)
    • A (authoritative)
    • This will make sure you have a varied and multi-faceted argument.

Exam Tip

  • Don’t waste time on writing long narratives in your plan – save that for your answer!
  • Stick to bullet-points, or a even just a single word to jog your memory. This plan is for YOUR benefit, not the examiner’s.
  • Also, if you’re unable to sum up your arguments, the examiner won’t be able to either.


Language Techniques


A Alliteration

F Facts

O Opinions

R Repetition

E Emotive Language

S Statistics

T Three (rule of)

Forest, CIE IGCSE English Language

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