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1.4.3 Classify Metals & Non-Metals

Classify Metals & Non-Metals

  • We can use properties such as electrical conductivity and acid-base character to classify elements as metals or non-metals

Characteristic Properties of Metals and Non-Metals

Properties of metals and non-metals, downloadable IB Chemistry revision notes

Metals & Non-Metals in the Periodic Table

  • The location of the metals and non-metals shows a clear pattern when highlighted on a periodic table
  • Another thing that is striking, is that you can see that the vast majority of elements are metals

A zig-zag line between the blue and purple elements in this diagram separates the metals on the left, from the non-metals on the right. Elements which border the line are hard to classify as they have characteristics of both sides, so the term semi-metal or metalloid is used.

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