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2.8.6 Human Transport Systems: Red Blood Cells & Plasma

Red Blood Cells

  • Red blood cells are specialised cells which carry oxygen to respiring cells
  • They are adapted for this function in 3 key ways
    • They are full of haemoglobin, a protein that binds to oxygen to form oxyhaemoglobin
    • They have no nucleus which allows more space for haemoglobin to be packed in
    • The shape of a red blood cell is described as being a ‘biconcave disk’  this shape gives them a large surface area to volume ratio to maximise diffusion of oxygen in and out

Red Blood Cells, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

Red blood cells


  • Plasma is a straw coloured liquid which the other components of the blood are suspended within
  • Plasma is important for the transport of many substances including:
    • Carbon dioxide – the waste product of respiration, dissolved in the plasma as hydrogencarbonate ions and transported from respiring cells to the lungs
    • Digested food and mineral ions – dissolved particles absorbed from the small intestine and delivered to requiring cells around the body
    • Urea – the waste substance produced in the breakdown of proteins by the liver. Urea is dissolved in the plasma and transported to the kidneys
    • Hormones – chemical messengers released into the blood from the endocrine organs (glands) and delivered to target tissues/organs of the body
    • Heat energy – created in respiration (an exothermic reaction), heat energy is transferred to cooler parts of the body or to the skin where heat can be lost

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