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4.4 Water

Importance as a Solvent

  • Water is important for all living organisms as many substances are able to dissolve in it (it is a solvent)
  • This makes it incredibly useful and essential for all life on Earth
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Role within Organisms

Water is important as a solvent in the following situations within organisms:

  • Dissolved substances can be easily transported around organisms – eg xylem and phloem of plants and dissolved food molecules in the blood
  • Digested food molecules are in the alimentary canal but need to be moved to cells all over the body – without water as a solvent this would not be able to happen
  • Toxic substances such as urea and substances in excess of requirements such as salts can dissolve in water which makes them easy to remove from the body in urine
  • Water is also an important part of the cytoplasm and plays a role in ensuring metabolic reactions can happen as necessary in cells


Water as a Solvent, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notesWater as a solvent

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