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17.1.1 Definitions

Defining Inheritance & Related Terms

  •  Inheritance is the transmission of genetic information from generation to generation
  • Chromosomes are located in the nucleus of cells
  • They are thread-like structures of DNA, carrying genetic information in the form of genes
  • A gene is a short length of DNA found on a chromosome that codes for a specific protein
  • This could be a structural protein such as collagen found in skin cells, an enzyme or a hormone
  • Genes control our characteristics as they code for proteins that play important roles in what our cells do


DNA, genes and chromosomes, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes Genes are short lengths of DNA that code for a protein. They are found on chromosomes


  • Alleles are different versions of a particular gene. The ABO gene for blood group type has three alleles, IA, IB and IO
Extended Only

Diploid & Haploid Nuclei

  • All humans have 23 different chromosomes in each cell
  • In most body cells, not including the gametes (sex cells), we have 2 copies of each chromosome, leading to a total of 46 chromosomes
  • Nuclei with two sets of chromosomes are known as diploid nuclei
  • The gametes (egg and sperm cells) only have one copy of each chromosome, meaning they have a total of 23 chromosomes in each cell
  • Nuclei with one set of unpaired chromosomes are known as haploid nuclei

Exam Tip

An easy way to remember the difference between haploid and diploid is to remember:

Haploid = Half the normal number of chromosomes

It’s worth noting that the human diploid chromosome number is 46. In an exam, you may be given information about a different species, with a different number of chromosomes. Make sure you read exam questions carefully.

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