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8.2.3 Dark Energy & Dark Matter

Dark Energy & Dark Matter

  • Over the past two or three decades, astronomers have gathered plenty of evidence helping us to understand the universe much better
  • However, there are still many observations that are still not understood, including:
    • Evidence from the rotation and motion of galaxies suggests that there is much more matter in the Universe than we are able to account for
    • This unseen matter is given the name dark matter and its nature is not currently known
  • Measurements of the expansion of the Universe using supernovae suggest that the Universe is starting to expand at a faster rate
    • It has been suggested that this accelerated motion is caused by dark energy pushing everything in the Universe apart
  • If gravity is present everywhere in the Universe, it might be expected that everything will one day become closer together, but that is the opposite of what we see
    • This is another reason why dark energy is a possible solution which could be counteracting gravity and expanding the Universe instead

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Ashika graduated with a first-class Physics degree from Manchester University and, having worked as a software engineer, focused on Physics education, creating engaging content to help students across all levels. Now an experienced GCSE and A Level Physics and Maths tutor, Ashika helps to grow and improve our Physics resources.

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