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9.1.3 How Oxygen Increased

Production of Oxygen by Photosynthesis

  • Primitive plants and algae began photosynthesizing which used up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and released oxygen:

Photosynthesis word equation, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

Carbon dioxide and water producing glucose and oxygen during photosynthesis

  • Through these processes over a long period of time, the amount of O2 in the atmosphere increased  and the amount of CO2 decreased
  • Algae first evolved around 2.7 billion years ago and during the next billion years or so small green plants began to appear
  • As more and more plants began to appear the levels of oxygen began to increase which allowed for more complex life forms to evolve
  • This trend continued until around 200 million years ago the composition of the atmosphere reached similar characteristics as today: around 20% oxygen, 80% nitrogen and tiny amounts of other gases
  • Marine algae are throught to be responsible for about 90% of all the atmospheric oxygen produced

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