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1.1.7 The Structure of the Atom

Relative Charges of the Proton, Electron & Neutron

  • Protons, neutrons and electrons are the subatomic particles that make up atoms
  • Each of the subatomic particles has a different electric charge, which is summarised in the following table

Sub-Atomic Particle Comparison (Charge) Table

Sub-atomic Particle comparison table-charge, downloadable IGCSE & GCSE Chemistry revision notes

  • Atoms are neutral overall
    • Even though they contain charged subatomic particles, the charges cancel each other out in an atom
  • Since the charge on a proton is +1 and on an electron is -1, then the number of protons must be the same as the number of electrons for the charges to cancel each other out and produce a neutral atom

Exam Tip

Protons are Positive sub-atomic particles while Neutrons are Neutral. That leaves the electrons which must therefore be negative.

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