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2.5.1 Plant Tissues

Plant Tissue: Structures & Functions

  • The structures of plant tissues are related to their functions.
  • Some important plant tissues include:
    • epidermal tissues
    • palisade mesophyll
    • spongy mesophyll
    • xylem and phloem
    • meristem tissue found at the growing tips of shoots and roots

Leaf structures table

Leaf structure table, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

The Leaf

  • The leaf is a plant organ adapted specifically for photosynthesis
  • You should be able to observe and draw of a transverse section of a leaf

Structure of a leaf, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

Diagram showing the cross-section of a leaf

Adaptations of leaves table

  • The structure of a leaf maximises the diffusion of carbon dioxide into the mesophyll cells for photosynthesis:

 How photosynthesising cells obtain carbon dioxide, IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

The structure of a leaf enables air to circulate within it to maximise the diffusion of carbon dioxide to the chloroplasts for photosynthesis

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