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3.3.2 Plant Defence Responses

Physical & Chemical Defences

  • Plants have a range of defence mechanisms to infections and infestations
  • These can be split into physical and chemical defences
  • Plants have adaptations to prevent herbivores from eating them (see Adaptations)

Physical Defences

  • The cellulose cell wall not only provides support for the plant but also protection from microorganisms
  • The waxy cuticle of the leaf is a barrier to microbes from entering the plant. The only place that they can enter in the leaf is through the stomata
  • Bark provides a tough layer around the stem of the plant to prevent pathogens from entering
  • As deciduous trees lose leaves in the winter the infection can be taken with them

Chemical Defences

  • Many plants produce chemicals that have antimicrobial properties
  • Many herbal face creams can use plant extracts such as tea tree oil, mint and witch hazel to have an antibacterial effect
  • More plants are being studied for their potential source of antibiotics as more strains are becoming resistant to current antibiotics

Adaptations Against Herbivores

  • Herbivores eating a plant can seriously damage the plant structures and they will not flower and reproduce
  • Smaller insect infections can remove essential nutrients and energy from the plant and act as vectors for pathogens

Plant adaptions table

Plant Defence Responses table, downloadable IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes

Exam Tip

Being able to link concepts together such as adaptations and why this will help the plant is essential for answering 2+ mark questions. When you state an adaptation always say how this will help the plant.

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