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4.1.2 Similarity - Areas & Volumes

What are similar shapes?

  • See Similarity – Lengths and know that:
  • Equivalent areas are linked by an area factor (see below)
  • Equivalent volumes are linked by a volume factor (see below)

Working with similar shapes

  1. Identify equivalent known quantities (Lengths, Areas or Volumes)
  2. Establish direction (getting bigger or smaller?)
  3. Find Scale/Area/Volume Factor = Second Quantity ÷ First Quantity
    (Check Factor > 1 if getting bigger and Factor < 1 if getting smaller)
  4. Convert between Scale/Area/Volume Factors using
    Area Factor = (Scale Factor)2 ( Scale Factor = √(Area Factor) )
    Volume Factor = (Scale Factor)3 ( Scale Factor = ∛(Volume Factor) )
  5. Use Scale/Area/Volume Factor to find new quantity

Worked Example

Similarity - Area & Volume Worked Example, downloadable IGCSE & GCSE Maths revision notes


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