Revision Notes

2.2.4 Expanding Two Brackets - Harder

Hidden FOIL (aka spot the hidden brackets)

  • Always write (a + b)2 as (a + b)(a + b)

Beware of minus signs

  • Remember the basic rules:
    “ − × − = + ”
    “ − × + = − ”

How to multiply out two brackets

  • Write FOIL above your working space
    F – First term in each bracket
    O – Outer pair of terms
    I – Inner pair of terms
    L – Last term in each bracket
  • Write down the four MULTIPLICATIONS
    Careful here – you have to be sure to include any minus signs!
  • Simplify by collecting LIKE TERMS (if there are any)

Worked Example

2.3.2 worked example GCSE & IGCSE Maths


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