AQA AS Chemistry

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2.2.4 Uses of Group 2 Elements

Uses of Group 2

  • The word lime is used for three different things:
    • Calcium carbonate (also known as powdered limestone)
    • Calcium oxide (formed when calcium carbonate is decomposed and is also known as quicklime)
    • Calcium hydroxide (formed when water is added to calcium oxide)
  • All three things are used in agriculture to raise the pH of the soil
  • Over time, the soil becomes more acidic while the optimum pH for crops to grow is at around 6-6.5
  • The lime reacts with the acids in the soil and therefore raises the pH of the soil
  • Calcium carbonate is more commonly used as agricultural lime as it is cheaper and safer to handle
    • However, due to calcium carbonate being insoluble, it acts much slower than calcium hydroxide

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