CIE A Level Physics (9702) 2019-2021

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3.1.7 Solving Problems with Kinematic Equations

Solving Problems with Kinematic Equations

  • Step 1: Write out the variables that are given in the question, both known and unknown, and use the context of the question to deduce any quantities that aren’t explicitly given
    • e.g. for vertical motion a = ± 9.81 m s–2, an object which starts or finishes at rest will have u = 0 or v = 0
  • Step 2: Choose the equation which contains the quantities you have listed
    • e.g. the equation that links s, u, a and t is s = ut + ½at2
  • Step 3: Convert any units to SI units and then insert the quantities into the equation and rearrange algebraically to determine the answer

Worked Example

Solving Problems Worked Example, downloadable AS & A Level Physics revision notes

How to solve problems using the kinematic equations


Exam Tip

  • This is arguably the most important section of this topic, you can always be sure there will be one, or more, questions in the exam about solving problems with the kinematic equations
  • The best way to master this section is to practice as many questions as possible

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