CIE A Level Physics (9702) 2019-2021

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26.1.5 Energy Loss in a Transformer

Energy Loss in a Transformer

  • In reality, transformers are not 100% energy efficient and there are sources of energy losses
  • Coils of wire have resistance
    • Heat energy is lost from the current flowing through the coil. This is due to the resistance of the wire
  • Eddy currents are induced in the iron core
    • This is because the iron core is the region of the changing magnetic field
    • Eddy currents are reduced by using a laminated iron core

Use of AC for Transmission of Electricity

  • Electrical energy is transmitted down power lines at high voltages
  • This is an economical advantage because:
    • There is less heat loss from the electrical power lines at higher voltages than at low voltages from the power station
  • Alternating voltage means the voltage/current is easy to change
    • A transformer will not operate using a direct current input because an e.m.f is only induced when the magnetic flux is changing
    • Direct current only gives a constant flux

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