CIE A Level Physics (9702) 2019-2021

Revision Notes

24.1.2 Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback

  • Negative feedback of an op-amp is defined as:

The process of taking some, or all, of its output and adding it to the input and is out of phase with the input

  • This is to produce self-stabilising systems
  • To make the feedback negative, it is fed to the negative (inverting input) terminal of an op-amp
    • The effect produced a closed-loop circuit results in ‘closed-loop’ gain
  • The effects of negative feedback on the gain on an op-amp are:
    • Reduced gain
    • Increased bandwidth or less distortion
    • Increase operating stability
  • If some of the output voltage is fed back to the inverting input (V) then gain A can be altered to a lower value

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