Edexcel A Level Maths: Pure

Revision Notes

11.1.1 Basic Vectors

What is a vector?

  • Vectors represent a movement of a certain magnitude (size) in a given direction
  • You should have already come across vectors when translating functions of graphs
  • They appear in many contexts of maths including mechanics for modelling forces
  • Vectors can be represented in different ways such as a column vector or as an i and j unit vector

Basic Vectors Diagram 1, AS & A Level Maths revision notes

Exam Tip

Think of vectors like a journey from one place to another.

Diagrams can help, if there isn’t one, draw one.

In your exam you can’t write in bold so should underline your vector notation.

Worked Example

Basic Vectors Example Diagram, AS & A Level Maths revision notesBasic Vectors Example Solution, AS & A Level Maths revision notes


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