CIE A Level Chemistry (9701) exams from 2022

Revision Notes

7.8.2 Multi-step Synthetic Routes

Multi-Step Synthetic Routes

  • Many organic molecules are made in multi-step synthetic routes
  • Students should be able to recall the different reactions each functional group undergoes and apply this knowledge when devising multi-step synthetic routes for preparing organic molecules
  • These multi-step synthetic include reactions covered in the A level course in addition to those in the AS course

Analysis of Synthetic Routes

  • Students should be able to apply their knowledge on functional groups and their reactions by critically analysing a given synthetic route in terms of:
    • The type of reaction
    • The reagents used for each step
    • Any possible by-products

Author: Francesca

Fran has taught A level Chemistry in the UK for over 10 years. As head of science, she used her passion for education to drive improvement for staff and students, supporting them to achieve their full potential. Fran has also co-written science textbooks and worked as an examiner for UK exam boards.

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