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5.2.3 Gibbs Free Energy Change & Gibbs Equation

The Gibbs Equation

Gibbs free energy

  • The feasibility of a reaction does not only depend on the entropy change of the reaction, but can also be affected by the enthalpy change
  • Therefore, using the entropy change of a reaction only to determine the feasibility of a reaction is inaccurate
  • The Gibbs free energy (G) is the energy change that takes into account both the entropy change of a reaction and the enthalpy change
  • The Gibbs equation is:

ΔG = ΔHreaction – TΔSsystem

  • The units of ΔG are in kJ mol-1
  • The units of ΔHreaction are in kJ mol-1
  • The units of T are in K
  • The units of ΔSsystem are in J K-1 mol-1 (and must therefore be converted to kJ K-1 mol-1 by dividing by 1000)

The Gibbs Equation: Calculations

  • The Gibbs equation can be used to calculate the Gibbs free energy change of a reaction

ΔG = ΔHreaction –  TΔSsystem

  • The equation can also be rearranged to find values of ΔHreaction, ΔSsystem or the temperature, T
  • For example, if for a given reaction, the values of ΔG, ΔHreaction and ΔSsystem are given, the temperature can be found by rearranging the Gibbs equation as follows:

Gibbs equation calcualations eq 1

Worked example: Calculating Gibbs free energy

Entropy - Worked example - Calculating Gibbs free energy, downloadable AS & A Level Chemistry revision notes


  • Step 1 – Calculate ΔSsystem

ΔSsystem= ΣΔSproducts – ΣΔSreactants

ΔSsystem= (ΔS [CH3Br(g)] + ΔS [H2O(l)]) –  (ΔS [CH3OH(l)] + ΔS[HBr(g)])

= (246 + 70.0) – (240 + 99.0)

= -23.0 J K-1 mol-1

  • Step 2 – Convert ΔSinto kJ K-1 mol-1

Gibbs equation calcualations worked example eq 1

= -0.023 kJ K-1 mol-1

  •  Step 3 – Calculate ΔG

ΔG = ΔHreaction – TΔSsystem

= -47 – (298 x -0.023)

= -40.146 kJ mol-1

= -40.1 kJ mol-1

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