CIE A Level Chemistry (9701) 2019-2021

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8.1.3 Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry: Deducing Molecular Formula

  • Each peak in the mass spectrum corresponds to a certain fragment with a particular m/e value
  • The peak with the highest m/e value is the molecular ion (M+) peak which gives information about the molecular mass of the compound
  • The molecular ion is the entire molecule that has lost one electron when bombarded with a beam of electrons

Mass Spectrometry Deducing Molecular Formula equation

  • The [M+1] peak is a smaller peak which is due to the natural abundance of the isotope carbon-13
  • The height of the [M+1] peak for a particular ion depends on how many carbon atoms are present in that molecule; The more carbon atoms, the larger the [M+1] peak is
    • For example, the height of the [M+1] peak for a hexane (containing six carbon atoms) ion will be greater than the height of the [M+1] peak of an ethane (containing two carbon atoms) ion

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