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8.1.2 Interpreting Rf Values in GL Chromatography

Interpreting Rf Values in GL Chromatography

Features of a gas-liquid chromatogram

  • Peaks represent different molecules from the sample – each roughly taking the shape of a triangle
  • The area under each peak is the relative concentration of each component (the peak integration value)

Area under the peak = ½ x base x height

  • If the area under each peak is very small or unable to decipher, the height of peaks are used for further analysis

Analytical Techniques - Labelled GLC Chromatogram, downloadable AS & A Level Chemistry revision notes

To find the area under each peak, treat each peak as a triangle – see the examples shown using blue triangles in the diagram

Percentage composition of a mixture

  • The amount of a particular molecule in a sample can be calculated by using an expression
  • If a chromatogram shows peaks for alcohols A, B, C and D; To calculate the % composition of alcohol C, use this expression:

 Interpreting Rf Values in GL Chromatography equation

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