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5.2.5 Finding Activation Energy

Finding Activation Energy

Finding the Activation Energy

  • Very often, the Arrhenius Equation is used to calculate the activation energy of a reaction
  • A graph of ln k against 1/T can be plotted, and then used to calculate EA
    • This gives a line which follows the form y = mx + c

Sketch of ln k against 1/T graph here



The graph of ln k against 1/T is a straight line with gradient -Ea/R

  • From the graph, the equation in the form of y = mx + c is as follows:


y = mx + c image here

Exam Tip

You are not required to learn this equation however it is helpful in understanding the effects of temperature on the rate constant.

Worked Example

Complete the following table, plot a graph of ln k against 1/T and use this to determine the activation energy of the reaction.


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