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3.6.1 Identification of Functional Groups by Test-Tube Reactions

Test-Tube Reactions

  • Often, chemists will need to identify the functional groups present in an organic compound
  • Some simple questions which can be considered are:
    • Is the compound acidic?
      • If so, it could be a carboxylic acid
    • What state is the compound in?
      • If solid, it could suggest long C-C chains or strong intermolecular forces
      • If liquid, it could suggest medium C-C chain length, or something polar
      • If gas, it will likely have very short C-C chain length and is unlikely to be polar
    • Is it soluble in water?
      • If so, then it suggests that the compound has polar groups and if not, then it suggests that it does not have polar groups present
  • Following this, simple chemical tests can also be done, to determine the functional groups which are present
  • These are known as test-tube reactions, and are simple but highly effective tests

Simple Test Tube Reactions


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