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6.4.2 Producing Cuttings

Practical: Producing Cuttings

  • Many perennials, shrubs, and herbs can grow adventitious roots from their cut stems
  • The use of cuttings is a straightforward propagation technique that can expand plant stock at a very low cost
  • Desirable characteristics of the plant are guaranteed in the progeny because propagation is a form of asexual reproduction
  • Cuttings can grow to full-sized plants much quicker than plants grown from seeds
  • Equipment needed:
    • Sharp scissors or secateurs
    • Potting compost
    • Pots to house new plants
    • Hormone rooting powder
    • Plastic bag to cover cutting
  • Hormone rooting powder contains auxins that promote mitosis and cell differentiation in the new root growth
  • If the cut is made just below a stem node, meristem tissue forms at the lower end of the cut

Taking cuttings, downloadable IGCSE & GCSE Biology revision notes
The process of taking cuttings


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