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4.5.1 Courtship


  • Organisms belong to the same species if they interbreed in their natural habitat to produce fertile offspring
  • The process of successful interbreeding or mating is preceded by some form of courtship behaviour
  • Courtship in animals is a behaviour that eventually results in mating and reproduction
  • It can be a very simple process that involves a small number of visual, chemical or auditory stimuli
  • It can also be a highly complex sequence of acts by two or more individuals, which are using several modes of communication
    • Many birds of paradise have intricate and impressive courtship rituals
  • Courtship can play a major role in species recognition

Courtship Behaviour in Drosophila

  • There are several different species of fruit fly within the genus Drosophila
  • It is extremely difficult to tell the different species apart from one another by their physical appearance
  • However, the different species of fruit fly have different courtship rituals which aid species recognition
  • Before mating the male fruit fly performs a dance: he vibrates his wings, alters his body position and licks the female
  • This sequence of events performed by the male is controlled by several genes and is specific to each species
  • A female will not respond to or mate with a male that displays an incorrect courtship dance
  • Females also have certain actions that she goes through to tell the male she is not interested which is understood by the male

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Lára graduated from Oxford University in Biological Sciences and has now been a science tutor working in the UK for several years. Lára has a particular interest in the area of infectious disease and epidemiology, and enjoys creating original educational materials that develop confidence and facilitate learning.

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