Edexcel Double Science – Chemistry: Topic Questions

Questions organised by topic with model answers for the Edexcel IGCSE Double Science: Chemistry course.

Topic QuestionsSolutions
Section 1: Principles of chemistry
States of matter (1C)States of matter (1C) - Solutions
Elements, compounds, mixtures (1C) 1Elements, compounds, mixtures (1C) - Solutions 1
Elements, compounds, mixtures (1C) 2Elements, compounds, mixtures (1C) - Solutions 2
Elements, compounds, mixtures (1C) 3Elements, compounds, mixtures (1C) - Solutions 3
Atomic structure (1C) 1Atomic structure (1C) - Solutions 1
Atomic structure (1C) 2Atomic structure (1C) - Solutions 2
Atomic structure (1C) 3Atomic structure (1C) - Solutions 3
The Periodic Table (1C)The Periodic Table (1C) - Solutions
Chemical formulae, equations, calculations (1C) 1Chemical formulae, equations, calculations (1C) - Solutions 1
Chemical formulae, equations, calculations (1C) 2Chemical formulae, equations, calculations (1C) - Solutions 2
Ionic bonding (1C)

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Covalent bonding (1C)
Section 2: Inorganic chemistry
Group 1 (alkali metals) - lithium, sodium, potassium (1C)
Group 7 (halogens) - chlorine, bromine, iodine (1C) 1
Group 7 (halogens) - chlorine, bromine, iodine (1C) 2
Gases in the atmosphere (1C)
Reactivity series  (1C)
Acids, alkalis and titrations (1C) 1
Acids, alkalis and titrations (1C) 2
Acids, bases and salt preparations (1C) 1
Acids, bases and salt preparations (1C) 2
Chemical tests (1C) 1
Chemical tests (1C) 2
Section 3: Physical chemistry
Energetics (1C)
Rates of reaction (1C) 1
Rates of reaction (1C) 2
Rates of reaction (1C) 3
Reversible reactions and equilibria (1C)
Section 4: Organic chemistry
Crude oil (1C)
Alkanes (1C) 1
Alkanes (1C) 2
Alkanes (1C) 3
Alkanes (1C) 4
Alkenes (1C) 1
Alkenes (1C) 2
Synthetic polymers (1C)