Specification Point 1.23:
Understand why elements in the same group of the periodic table have similar chemical properties

Similar Chemical Properties

Group: Vertical columns that show how many outer electrons an atom has

Chemical properties of elements in the same group:

  • Elements in the same group in the periodic table will have similar chemical properties
  • This is because they have the same number of outer electrons so will react and bond similarly
  • For example, both lithium and sodium are in group 1 and can react with elements in group 7 to form an ionic compound (charges of group 1 elements are +1, charges of group 7 elements are -1)
Specification Point 1.24:
Understand why the Noble gases (Group 0) do not readily react

Why Noble Gases are Unreactive

Noble gases: Group 0 elements that are unreactive

The Periodic Table, noble gases, CIE IGCSE Chemistry

Noble gases are inert (unreactive) as they have a full outer shell of electrons so do not easily lose or gain electrons

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