Specification Point 2.21:
Practical: Investigate reactions between Dilute Hydrochloric and Sulfuric Acids and Metals (e.g. Magnesium, Zinc and Iron)

Investigating Reactions of Metals with Acids

Reactions between Dilute Hydrochloric and Sulfuric Acid with Metals:

Acids react with most metals and, when they do, a salt and hydrogen gas is produced:

Metal    +   Hydrochloric  Acid     →     Metal Chloride    +    Hydrogen

Metal    +        Sulfuric  Acid         →     Metal Sulfate       +    Hydrogen


Reactions of Metals with Acids, Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry

The process of investigating the reaction between metals and acids


  • Add acid into a conical flask
  • Add metal into conical flask
  • Observe reaction and the rate in which bubbles are produced


Metal Reactivity with Acids, Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry

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