Specification Point 2.13:
Know that Carbon Dioxide is a Greenhouse Gas and that increasing amounts in the Atmosphere may contribute to climate change

Carbon Dioxide & Climate Change

Carbon Dioxide: Greenhouse Gas that contributes to climate change when in increased amounts. Absorbs infrared radiation and heats up. Air gets warm as carbon dioxide absorbs radiation from sunlight.

Greenhouse Effect: Caused by the increased concentration and effect of Greenhouse gases.

Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change:

Enhanced Greenhouse Effect, Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry

How the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect occurs


  1. The Sun emits rays that enter the Earth’s Atmosphere
  2. The heat is emitted back from the Earth’s surface
  3. Some heat is reflected back out into Space
  4. But some heat is absorbed by Greenhouse gasses Such as Carbon Dioxide and is trapped within the Earth’s Atmosphere so causes the Earth’s average temperature to rise as a result


  • Climate change due to increase in Earth’s temperature
  • Water levels will rise as glaciers will melt because of high temperatures, causes flooding in low-lying countries
  • Extinction of species due to inhabitable environment
  • Migration of species as they will move to areas that are more habitable (no droughts)
  • Spread of diseases caused by the cold climate
  • Loss of habitat due to climate change (animals that live on glaciers)

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