Specification Point 4.39C (Paper 2C Only):
Know that ethyl ethanoate is the ester produced when ethanol and ethanoic acid react in the presence of an acid catalyst

Formation of Ethyl Ethanoate

Carboxylic acids will react with alcohols in the presence of an acid catalyst to form esters.

Example: Ethanoic acid will react with ethanol in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid (catalyst) to form ethyl ethanoate:

The formation of ethyl ethanoate:

ethyl ethanoate, Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry
Specification Point 4.40C (Paper 2C Only):
Understand how to write the structural and displayed formulae of ethyl ethanoate

Structural and Displayed Formulae of Ethyl Ethanoate

ETHYL ETHANOATE structure formula, Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry

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