Specification Point 2.37:
Describe the reactions of Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric Acid and Nitric Acid with Metals, Bases and Metal Carbonates (Excluding the reactions between Nitric Acid and Metals) to form Salts

Reacting Acids with Metals

Only metals above hydrogen in the reactivity series will react with dilute acids. Acids will react with metals to form a salt and hydrogen gas:

Acid    +    Metal   →    Salt    +    Hydrogen

Examples of Reaction Between Acids and Metals:

Reaction Between Acids and Metals, Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry

Reacting Acids with Bases (Alkalis)

All metal oxides, metal hydroxides can act as bases. When they react with acid,  a neutralisation reaction occurs. Acids and bases will react to produce a salt and water:

Acid    +    Base   →    Salt    +    Water

Examples of Reaction Between Acids and Bases:

Reacting Acids with Metal Carbonates

Acids will react with metal carbonates to form salts, carbon dioxide and water:

Acid    +    Metal Carbonate   →    Salt    +    Carbon Dioxide    +    Water

Examples of Reaction Between Acids and Bases:

Reaction Between Acids and Metal Carbonates, Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry

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