Specification Point 2.43C (Paper 2C Only):
Practical: Prepare a sample of pure, dry Lead (II) Sulfate

Preparation Of Pure, Dry Lead (II) Sulfate Crystals

Preparation of Lead (II) Sulfate Crystals, CIE IGCSE Chemistry

The filtration of the mixture to remove the precipitate

Soluble Salt 1 = Lead (II) Nitrate        Soluble Salt 2 = Potassium Sulfate


  • Dissolve Lead (II) Nitrate and Potassium Sulfate in water and mix together using a stirring rod in a beaker
  • Filter to remove precipitate from mixture
  • Wash filtrate with water to remove traces of potassium nitrate solution
  • Leave in an oven to dry

Equation of Reaction:

Lead (II) Nitrate   +   Potassium Sulfate  →   Lead (II) Sulfate  +   Potassium Nitrate


Pb(NO3)2  (s)                    K2SO4 (s)                          PbSO4 (s)                  KNO3 (s)

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