Specification Point 2.42:
Practical: Prepare a sample of pure, dry hydrated Copper (II) Sulfate Crystals starting from Copper (II) Oxide

Preparation of Pure, Dry Hydrated Copper (II) Sulfate Crystals

Prep of Copper (II) Sulfate Crystals, CIE IGCSE Chemistry

The heating of the mixture to leave a saturated solution

Acid = Dilute Sulfuric Acid                     Insoluble Base = Copper (II) Oxide


  • Add dilute sulfuric acid into a beaker and heat using a bunsen burner flame
  • Add copper (II) oxide (insoluble base), a little at a time to the warm dilute sulfuric acid and stir until the copper (II) oxide is in excess (stops disappearing)
  • Filter the mixture into an evaporating basin to remove the excess copper (II) oxide
  • Leave the filtrate in a warm place to dry and crystallize
  • Decant excess solution
  • Blot crystals dry

Equation Of Reaction:

Copper (II) Oxide    +    Dilute Sulfuric Acid   →       Copper (II) Sulphate    +    Water


      CuO (s)                             H2SO4 (aq)                             CuSO4 (s)                 H2O (l)

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